For Brokers

Although most of our efforts will be targeted at the experienced broker in commercial funding, we are aware that some of our best opportunities are brought in through personal relationships. We encourage you to contact our liaison who will be happy to take the time to train you in more depth and discuss our different commission structures. We are currently aggressively seeking experienced factoring brokers in North and South America as well as England. Please call or email for more details.

PROCESS: We are a specialty finance company with a pre-existing streamlined process. You will not have to speak with six people in the process. Brokers work directly with the broker liaison to expedite all applications.

UNDERWRITING: We have a large network of specialist underwriters giving us the ability to timely and consistently underwrite a broad array of financial solutions. Check our finance type schedules and look for our frequent Broker Bulletins for updates to our growing list of approved financial instruments and changes to our guidelines.

SUPPORT: We provide you with training and periodic industry updates through our Broker Bulletins. Our brokers are kept appraised of important changes as they happen.